While the entire world is a twitter with Google’s latest attempt to dethrone Facebook in the social media space, advertisers are left wondering how the Google+ Project and the new +1 feature will impact their paid search efforts through Google AdWords.  The Google AdWords Team has informed us here at JumpFly that we should think of the +1 button as a way for fans of your business to recommend what you offer, for all their friends and contacts to see.  Google has also said that the +1 feature will offer potential customers a more personalized and relevant searching experience which should result in better leads and more qualified clicks on your PPC ads.Google+1

In order for users to be able to take full advantage of the +1 feature, they must be logged into their Google account and have an active Google Profile.  If they are not sure whether they have a Google Profile, Google will prompt them to create one if they try to +1 something without it.  The new +1 platform is very intuitive and linked to all things Google.   Users’ Gmail and Google Talk contacts will all be added to their social connections, as well as people they follow on Google Reader and Google Buzz.  Google users should be aware that if they +1 a site or an ad, their social connections will be able to see that if they stumble upon the same site or advertisement.  This may lead people to re-think +1ing anything unsavory that grandma or grandpa may not approve of.

While the idea is very similar to Facebook’s “Like” buttons, Google+ and the +1 button have a far greater potential reach than Facebook, with both searchers and advertisers.  The +1 button will be viewable when users are searching on Google.com, but it is currently unavailable on search partners, mobile search or the Google Display Network.  Google has assured us that advertisers will not be charged when users +1 their ads or sites, only actual clicks will be charged, so no change there.

Overall, I expect that Google’s new +1 could be extremely beneficial for paid search marketers.  Consumers have been looking to their peers for recommendations since the beginning of time and +1 allows word of mouth marketing to flourish without speaking an actual word.  These personal recommendations from trusted sources should result in better CTR’s and ROI for advertisers.  Once again, only time will tell if the Google+ Project and the new +1’s will take away part of Facebook’s social media empire.  Stay tuned!