If you are spending your money on PPC Advertising, don’t neglect your prime real estate! The top header area on your website is one of the most highly viewed areas on a page, so you really do need to use this to your advantage. Don’t bury your phone number or your contact PPC Advertisinginformation in tiny print on the bottom of the page. Put that phone number in your header, whether it’s below your company logo on the left side or in the upper right corner. By putting crucial information in your header, you make it clearly visible and easy to find no matter which page a potential customer lands on. The same goes for your Contact Us e-mail or Contact Us form button.

Also, use the header area to tell a potential new customer how long you’ve been in business, what your strengths are, if you’ve won any type of awards, or where you are actually located if you are running a local business. Use the header to tell a potential customer about any special offers or shipping deals. This is prime selling/information space and should be use to its utmost potential.

Make it easy for a new customer to contact you. Make it easy for a new customer to learn who you are. Make it easy to instill confidence and excitement in a new customer who likely has no idea who you are upon first landing on your site.

By making productive use of your header, you can use your PPC campaigns to land customers as close as possible to the product they are looking for and still give your website a strong sense of identity.