Earlier this fall, Google changed their alcohol policy regarding beer. For the first time, they allowed the U.S. AdWords advertisement of beer for sale. Monday, Google announced another update to the AdWords alcohol policy. Starting this week, Google now allows the advertisement of hard alcohol and liqueurs that target the U.S.Alcohol Permitted

This is good news to hard alcohol and beer manufacturers who can now take advantage of the increased holiday traffic, as well as the new opportunities for branding in the online marketplace.

The biggest difference between the ability to market beer and that of hard alcohol, is that beer is allowed to be marketed for sale through PPC advertising, while hard alcohol and liqueurs must “promote the information about the hard alcohol and liqueur that their websites contain.” Any ads that directly promote the actual sale of hard alcohol or liqueur are still not allowed on AdWords. This means that the sale of hard alcohol and liqueur cannot be promoted in your Google AdWords ad copy or be the purpose of your website. Ads for the purpose of branding hard alcohol and liqueur are absolutely allowed to target the U.S.

In other words, you can sell beer with Google AdWords, however you can only brand or use the promotion of hard alcohol and liqueur for non-sales related websites.

Its important to note that Google considers beer, wine, champagne, hard alcohol, and liqueur to be products intended for sale to, and consumption by, adults. Therefore, any ads promoting these products will be given a Non-Family Safe status. From a PPC management aspect, this means that anybody who has activated their “Google SafeSearch filter” will not be able to see these ads.