Google at JumpFlyOn January 29th, 2008, three veteran Google AdWords staff members endured blizzard-like conditions to fly into Chicagoland and meet with the talented men and women of JumpFly. These trusted Google representatives, including Sean Daily, Alex Lin and Laura Ridlehoover spent the day reviewing recently implemented features, and best practices for success with Google AdWords. Google’s ongoing availability and assistance helps JumpFly provide small and mid-sized businesses a superior level of service typically reserved for advertisers having much larger budgets.

“In an industry filled with so many critical details, we are incredibly fortunate to have Google dedicate their efforts to meet with us right here in our office. There is no question that their valuable knowledge and guidance helps contribute to our clients’ ongoing success,” said Mike Tatge, JumpFly President. “We are flattered that Google has identified JumpFly as a company worthy of dedicating their time and effort to come out and meet with. Google’s willingness to help us assist our clients further enables us to provide superior service that cannot be found elsewhere.”

While at JumpFly’s corporate office, the Google team reviewed various recent system-wide enhancements, including expanded matching, keyword mapping, content match strategies, Google maps, regional capabilities and limitations, category exclusions, ad copy strategies and advanced reporting functionality. Each one of these potentially valuable features is unique and can impact everyone’s accounts. JumpFly’s relationship with Google helps JumpFly’s incredibly skilled team remain at the bleeding edge of Google AdWords’ capabilities, and best practices for achieving maximized results.

“We are incredibly proud to boast a team of the most qualified and experienced account executives in the country,” stated JumpFly Managing Partner Brad Garlin. “Our recently earned #1 Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Company Award is evidence of our exceptional team and their commitment to our clients. Google’s support and assistance serves to further strengthen our leadership role and ability to provide our clients the best PPC results possible.”

The complex and evolving landscape of PPC advertising has many potential pitfalls that advertisers often fall prey to. Properly setup and managed campaigns are critical to achieving maximum success. Google’s assistance helps JumpFly effectively reach out to hundreds of advertisers on their behalf, and help ensure that those advertisers have the most positive and financially rewarding experience possible. “Having Google representatives right here in our office to directly answer pertinent questions was invaluable,” concluded Jack O’Donnell, JumpFly Vice President.

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