There is some SERIOUS speculation in the tech world right now about whether or not Google will use its January 5th Android press conference Android Press Conferenceto officially unveil the Nexus One Google phone.  The buzz around this potential iPhone Killer is astounding and everyone in the technology gadget world seems to be talking about it.

According to some officially unofficial information leaked by Gizmodo, the Nexus One Google Phone will be built by HTC, sold by Google and supported by T-Mobile.  With an alleged price tag of $530 for the unlocked and unsubsidized phone and $180 for a 2-year T-Mobile contract, this new Google phone will definitely give Verizon & Motorolla’s new Droid some stiff competition.  But will it be able to take the smartphone crown away from Apple’s almighty iPhone?  That remains to be proven.

One odd thing about the 2-year T-Mobile contract option:  there is allegedly only ONE rate plan available, an individual plan that only allows for 500 talk minutes.  This makes me wonder if Google is also going to use the January 5th date to announce the release of VoIP integration into Google Voice through their recent acquisition of Gizmo5.  This HUGE technological leap would allow users to make phone calls using any WiFi connection regardless of a voice plan.  Obviously, an announcement of this magnitude could throw the cell phone world into a tailspin.

Whether the January 5th announcement is regarding Google Nexus One Phone, VoIP through Gizmo5 or both – we can always count on Google to keep us guessing.  Only time will tell – STAY TUNED!