Will Google and Google AdWords Dominate the Mobile Ad Market with Nexus One?iPhone Killer?

Taking the tech-world by storm today was the recent flurry of excitement over the highly anticipated Google Phone – Nexus One.  No one knows when it will be released or the precise specifications, but techies are anxiously predicting that this will be THE phone to challenge Apple’s iPhone. 

Why would Google, who has been partnering with multiple wireless providers creating phones with their Android platform for quite some time, decide to develop and market a phone that would be in DIRECT competition with its partners?  This girl’s guess:  AD CONTROL.  Google recently acquired mobile advertising agent AdMob, a company that specializes in delivery of mobile ads to smartphones.  Obviously the next logical step in Google’s attempt for total information domination (kidding) would be to control how people search on their wireless devices as well.
The Nexus One is rumored to be unlocked and ready for use on any network, with a price tag reported to range anywhere between $99 and $600.  However, insisting that Nexus One users agree to be shown Google Mobile Ads could possibly subsidize an elevated sales price for this highly anticipated gadget.  If this phone turns out to be the iPhone killer that Google hopes it will be, Google will have that much more control over what we see when we search and how we see it. The mobile market is quickly evolving and how PPC advertising and PPC Management will play into this is still being determined.

Speaking purely from experience, since I purchased the Motorola DROID in November, I very rarely use my laptop or PC anymore.  I am able to do what I need to do, when I need to do it all from my handy dandy smart phone and it is liberating.  Nexus One, a phone that is made BY Google, FOR Google users sounds like Heaven.  Too bad I just bought the DROID.