Back in January Google added new links to their free local business ads (Google Maps ads).  These new links, “Get Directions,” “Street View,” “Save to My Maps,” and “Send,” all give the searcher more ways to interact Google Maps Examplewith your ad and ultimately get the information they need to visit your business.  My personal favorite is “Send” which allows the visitor to send the address not only via email but alternatively to a GPS device!  Talk about taking them by the hand and leading them to you. 

Now that there are so many more ways to interact with your local business ad, also referred to as “Google maps ads”, because they appear on the Google Maps site, wouldn’t it be nice if you had some insight into how visitors are interacting with your ad?

Now you do.  Google has given us the ability to see the analytics behind how users interact with your ad.  There is a new feature in the Google AdWords reporting feature – as a part of the Placement/Keyword Report – that allows you to view data on the following actions:

  • Info window open from left hand side
  • Info window open from map marker
  • “Get Direction” clicks
  • “Street View” clicks
  • Clicks to website from the info window

They are missing my favorite – “Send” – but hopefully that is coming soon – no word from Google yet.

How can you best use this Google Maps ads data? Use it the same as you would when analyzing your site analytics – figure out where to focus your attention based on user activity.  For example, are visitors clicking Street View? Consider putting a picture of your actual location/building on the info window. 

The numbers behind opening from the left hand side vs. opening from the map marker signify to me whether your visitors are typically responding to your brilliant ad copy or if they are more concerned with the exact location of the business.  Google Maps ad data can give you insight into a visitor’s search intent and mind set.  Then let it help you to write even better ad copy for both your maps ad and your regular pay-per-click (PPC) advertising ads.

For more information on the new Google Maps ad reporting features, check out Google’s blog post on this announcement or contact a professional Google advertising agency.