The state of the PPC advertising industry according to Google earnings

In a word, the PPC industry continues to look healthy.

After the closing bell today, Google, Inc. reported their most recent quarter’s earnings, including an Google Earnings Indicate PPC Strengthimpressive profit increase of 26% compared to the same quarter last year. This is pretty impressive growth, especially considering just about every other company seems to be slowing down.

Google Chief Executive Eric Schmidt said that the company experienced “revenue growth across all of our major geographies thanks to the underlying strength of our core search and ads business.” 
Google officially started generating more than half of its revenue from international markets. 
In regards to their paid click revenue, Google said Thursday that the number of paid clicks rose 4% from the previous quarter, and 18% compared with the same period a year earlier. Though the economy is hurting, people continue to search the web and click sponsored results with increasing regularity.

Google continues to grow its workforce, adding another 519 people during the quarter, though this is down from an increase of 2,130 employees at the same time last year. The company now has 20,123 employees.
We’ll see what Yahoo! has to say when they announce their quarterly earnings early next week.

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