Google’s new web browser called Chrome was launched last Tuesday and represents yet another new direction for Google. While Chrome is quite simple on the surface, much like Google itself, it offers some nice user-friendly features

Please refer to Patrick’s previous blog¬†for a great review of Chrome. Today, I’d like to take a look at the deeper significance of this new browser.

It’s free, fast, user-friendly and safer to use than other browsers. While some speculate the new Chrome Browser will not be a threat to Internet Explorer, I’m not so confident. I’ve seen Google come from way behind to dominate the PPC industry and wouldn’t be surprised to see them do it again here over time.

This represents yet another assault on Microsoft. First, Google entered the search and PPC markets, which they quickly dominated, leaving Microsoft with a very small piece of the enormous search market. Next, Google offered online applications, representing yet another assault on Microsoft. Google even helped Yahoo! resist a Microsoft buyout advance, providing a valuable partnership that also further complicated any potential transaction with Microsoft. Now this, the web browser, where Microsoft’s Internet Explorer currently commands 72% market share. I suspect that number will start to slowly decrease in months and years to come.

According to Google, Chrome will not initially have any impact on Google AdWords. Ultimately using Chrome and Google’s various other valuable services, like Gmail or their online applications, will give Google a great deal of information about what their users are doing. Some may not like this. But, one good thing is the likely ability to even better target PPC ads, which I think should prove to be a good thing for advertisers. It will be interesting to see where Google attacks Microsoft next.