156x150xgcasefeat.png.pagespeed.ic.z5wZnk6ODWELGIN, IL (February 4, 2013) – Google, the leaders in pay-per-click advertising, released a case study highlighting how JumpFly pay-per-click (PPC) management substantially improved AdWords results for Funcom, a massively multi-player (MMO) games developer and publisher. Funcom offers more than 25 games and relies primarily on digital marketing to reach gamers internationally. With JumpFly’s assistance, Funcom realized a 15% boost in overall conversions in addition to a 17% reduction in cost- per-conversion.

“Our experience working with JumpFly has been incredible,” says Terri Perkins, Funcom’s media strategy director. “JumpFly knows Google so well that I can be confident we’re getting the best possible results. They’ve been able to scale results and lower cost-per-acquisition.” JumpFly took various measures in order to maximize Funcom’s advertising effectiveness. In addition to fine tuning search results, JumpFly overhauled Funcom’s display advertising efforts and launched a remarketing initiative. Funcom experienced improved results in the number of conversions, click-through-rate (CTR) and cost- per conversion as their exposure on the Google Display Network (GDN) exploded. “We were pleasantly surprised with the results from remarketing,” adds Terri. “We’ve had JumpFly incorporate AdWords remarketing for our other titles, and it will definitely be used in any other future plans as well.”

“We are proud to be featured in a case study released by Google that showcases the type of results we are able to provide our clients,” stated JumpFly Founding Partner Brad Garlin. As a Google Certified Partner, JumpFly has demonstrated an in-depth understanding of Google AdWords and account management by passing numerous exams and meeting specific qualification guidelines. JumpFly has been helping advertisers with their PPC Management needs for the past 10+ years and continues to stay on the cutting edge of the industry in order to provide PPC advertisers the best results possible. JumpFly caters entirely to PPC Management and possesses an incredibly high degree of PPC knowledge, experience and expertise. Brad added, “I wish I could have Google case studies developed for all of our clients that displayed the improvement they experience once using our service. On a regular basis, I continue to see new clients experience a meaningful transformation in their ROI once JumpFly takes over. We have an exceptionally talented team.”

Google’s case study features JumpFly as the company responsible for helping Funcom reach a new level of PPC success by implementing JumpFly’s suggestions and proven strategies for improvement. This case study is further evidence of JumpFly’s ability to help clients and their leadership role in the PPC industry. “We are incredibly proud of our reputation and service provided. Client satisfaction has always been and continues to be our top priority,” says Brad. “We are also very grateful to Google for their ongoing assistance and support.”

About JumpFly:
JumpFly professionally develops, implements and manages Google AdWords and Bing Ads pay-per-click advertising accounts, enabling clients to maximize Internet advertising results while saving time and money. Proper setup and management of these powerful programs will likely make the difference between an advertiser’s success or failure. JumpFly’s full-service solution enables clients to focus on their core business while attaining the best possible results from their search engine marketing campaigns. JumpFly is a Google AdWords Certified Partner and Bing Ads Accredited Professional. JumpFly assists more than 400 clients, offers a money-back-guarantee, ranks as the #1 PPC Management Company by TopSEOs and has an A+ rating from the BBB.