Google Ad Preview ToolIn their constant effort to update and improve tools available to advertisers, Google recently announced their new and improved Ad Preview Tool.  If you are an AdWords advertiser and you do not know what the Ad Preview Tool is, you definitely should.  This is an important tool that allows advertisers and PPC management companies to check the position of their Google AdWords ads without having a negative impact on the click-through-rate (CTR) of their campaigns.  Here at JumpFly, we use this tool daily to ensure that our clients’ ads are showing where we want them to be, so we are excited to see more new features available.

The first thing I noticed when using the new Ad Preview Tool is the updated, sleek user interface (UI).  The new UI boasts new fields and a new look that makes it feel more simple to understand and user friendly.

Aside from the tool’s face-lift, the first big change I found was that when you are using the tool while signed into your AdWords account, the new Ad Preview will tell you whether or not your ad is showing and which ad group the keyword is being mapped to.  This is a fantastic update because it allows you to see if your keywords are being mapped to the most highly targeted and specific ad groups.  This will be especially helpful for adding negative keywords to ad groups to ensure that the proper ads are being shown for each keyword search.  If your ad is not showing for some reason, the new Ad Preview Tool will tell you why and help you understand whether you need to raise your bids, update your location targeting, increase your daily budget or optimize your account.

The next big Google Ad Preview Tool change worth noting is the new Device setting option.  This feature allows AdWords advertisers to view and diagnose their ads for high-end mobile devices and provides previews of ads based on the type of device and cell phone carrier.  This is a much needed update that seems to go hand in hand with the new keyword tool that helps create mobile targeted campaigns.  With more and more advertisers dedicating a portion of their budget to target Smartphone users, the ability to see what the ads look like on Android, iPhone/iPod/iPad and Palm OS devices is growing exponentially.

These updates to the Ad Preview are certainly appreciated and much needed.  Thanks Google!