Google’s blog post last week announced that they will be partnering with Sony, Logitech and Intel to bring their latest brainchild (Google TV) into your home via your television, Blu-ray player or companion box sometime this fall.  After realizing that people are more readily accessing internet videos and other content via their smartphones and computers, Google TV is born.  Google TV will marry the convenience of internet content with the comfort of the America’s favorite electronic device – the good old television.

GoogleTVAccording to Google (via Nielsen), the average American spends five hours per day watching TV.  However, while doing their market research, Intel discovered that two BILLION hours of Internet video was downloaded worldwide in February, 2010 alone.  This on top of the fact that 10-15 MILLION U.S. households already stream video to their televisions makes Google TV sound like a fabulous idea.

But wait a minute…doesn’t this technology already exist?  I can already link my PC to my television using an HDMI cable and control it with a wireless keyboard and mouse.  I can use my Chrome browser to search for what I want to watch on Hulu or YouTube.  I can even pay between $27 and $100 to download software from countless providers that allows me access to all the satellite TV I could ever need or want.  So why is Google TV being heralded as such innovative technology?

The answer, in my opinion, will lie in the content and the user interface experience.  If Google TV allows a typical family easy-to-use access to both the internet AND television channels in one seamless experience – Hallelujah!  According to Google, Google TV will do just that.  Google TV “opens up your TV from a few hundred channels to millions of channels of entertainment across TV and the web.”  This allows our televisions to become more than just fancy high definition video players, it turns them into photo slideshow viewers, gaming consoles, music players, entertainment centers, social media hubs and so much more!  Next step is to develop a Google tablet device that has an app that would allow it to be used as a remote.

Google TV is also built on open platforms like Android and Google Chrome which means that developers will be able to create web and Android apps to make the Google TV experience even more robust.  This open-source development means that the sky is the limit and I cannot WAIT to see what Google TV has in store for us.  As Google says:  “This is an incredibly exciting time — for TV watchers, for developers and for the entire TV ecosystem. By giving people the power to experience what they love on TV and on the web on a single screen, Google TV turns the living room into a new platform for innovation. We’re excited about what’s coming. We hope you are too.”

I AM excited Google – THANK YOU!