Google AdWords made a small update to their Campaign summary screen that is worth taking a look at.  We haven’t seen this change made in all of our accounts, but we know they will all have this functionality in the future so it’s worth mentioning now.

On the right side of the Campaign summary screen, there is now a drop down box to the right of a “Statistics” notation.  You can look look at Google AdWordsyour campaign in several different ways right from this screen.  You can choose four different views from this dropdown: All (Search + Content), Search, Content or Summary.

All (Search + Content) now allows you to view your Search and Content data separately, so you can get a quicker insight into what your Search CTR is without it getting mixed in with the Content data.  It was also quickly indicate that Content is Off if you are not running Content.  This is a nice way to quickly check all of your campaigns to make sure Content is On or Off, depending on how you want your campaigns structured.

Search allows you to isolate your Search results from Content, to again give you a quicker, cleaner picture of Search results.

Contents allows you to isolate your Content into a Content-only view.  You can quickly see if Content may be eating more of your budget than you realized.

Summary is the standard way of viewing your data that you are used to seeing, where it combines Search and Content data together in one lump sum for each column category.

Of course, we would recommend you isolate Content into its own campaign with its own budget, but if you do have both Search and Content running in some older campaigns that you don’t want to restructure, then this is a nice way to get at the segmented data quickly.

You can find more info from Google here or here.