Google recently announced that beginning in January 2010 they will be showing location targeted business phone numbers and addresses in Mobile Ads that are viewed on high end smartphones.  This new feature will allow Click to Call Mobile Adspeople searching from their mobile device to click-to-call businesses just as easily as they click to visit websites.

This is an exciting development for pay-per-click (PPC) advertising because these click-to-call actions are extremely relevant leads and should be frequently converted into customers.  When searches are performed on high-end mobile devices with full HTML browsers (iPhones, Android, Palm WebOS), Google AdWords will communicate with the user’s mobile GPS to determine geographic location of the search.  With this information, Google is able to show the phone numbers and business addresses for the closest advertisers which will appear in a fifth line of ad text.  This is an extremely convenient development for people who use the mobile browsing capabilities on their phones.

This is not only exciting for potential customers, but for advertisers as well.  Advertisers will be charged the exact same way they are charged for clicks to their website and will not incur additional charges for receiving a call from a click.  Who doesn’t want more highly targeted, relevant traffic for the same price, right?

In order to make Google AdWords Mobile Ads appear with a location-specific click-to-call phone number, advertisers need to make sure their Google AdWords Campaigns are targeting all mobile devices with full HTML browsers.  Phone numbers and business addresses must also be added in the locations section of the Campaign settings.

To learn more about implementing click-to-call Google AdWords Mobile Ads, contact a qualified PPC Management Company.