There are various scenarios that may require pay-per-click (PPC) advertisers to update their ads’ destination URLs at Google AdWords. For example, URLs may need to be modified when implementing call tracking, testing new landing pages or adding new tracking URLs. While advertisers could simply change the destination URL in each AdWords ad, this is likely not the best solution. By changing the destination URL, or any variable associated with an AdWords ad, the ad then loses the valuable performance history it has established in the account (ad JumpFly PPC Secretsperformance history is one of the many variabels used to determine Quality Score). This action causes the ad to be treated just like a brand new ad, even though just the destination URL changed.

Here at JumpFly, we frequently hear from advertisers who share examples of successfully running Google AdWords ads that were modified for one reason or another, and could then never recapture the results previously achieved. I am sure this can be incredibly frustrating, but fortunately it can be easily avoided!

Secret #1: Never initially delete successful ads in Google AdWords accounts!
If ad changes are needed, initially pausing successful ads and creating new ones, rather than deleting ads, is a really good idea so you can just turn them back on later if desired. Unused ads can always be permanently deleted later.

Secret #2: Change destination URLs at the keyword level to prevent disrupting ad performance
This is a critical concept to be familiar with and understand. Ads can be redirected to a different destination URL at the keyword level without changing the destination URL in the ad itself. This feature enables advertisers to change destination URLs without losing the ad’s performance history. This is a valuable tool, but depending on the size of the AdWords account, might seem like an overwhelming task. Fortunatley, AdWords Editor is here to the rescue.

Secret #3: Use AdWords Editor to update destination URLs
Once again, Google AdWords Editor enables advertisers to manage accounts much more efficiently. In AdWords Editor, users can easily upload a new destination URL to all the terms in an account in an instant. Amazing. Time saving. Powerful. Using AdWords Editor for managing Google AdWords accounts is a must.

Now go download AdWords Editor today! You won’t regret it.

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