BLOG-sharedbudgets200200I’m excited about the new Google AdWords option Shared Budgets that was rolled out starting September 17. I have to admit that when I first heard about it, I really wasn’t that impressed, as the way it was explained to me was that it was shared across the entire account.  The reality is that you get to pick and chose which campaigns you want to share the budget for. And that’s what makes me excited.

Let’s say I have a client with a PC campaign, a mobile campaign and a tablet campaign, and wants to spend $100 per day. Before Shared Budgets, I would have to decide the budget for each campaign. In theory, if I know the volume that the client gets for each device, I can allocate the budget to each campaign. But it’s not a fool-proof method. What happens on days when mobile sees a spike in traffic and could use extra budget? The Desktop or tablet campaign might not have hit that budget and it would have been great to add that extra spend to the mobile campaign. With shared budgets, I don’t have to worry about some campaigns under spending and some always hitting their budget.

Setup is very easy and can be found in the Shared Library > Budgets.

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Make sure to check your Bidding and Budget Delivery Method. Per a Google post on the AdWords Community “Please make sure that your delivery method in the campaign settings of each of the linked campaigns all reflect the same delivery method setting. This is important as one linked campaign with an accelerated delivery method could easily burn through all shared budget, leaving any other linked campaigns setup on standard delivery with no budget to show their ads throughout the day.”

And make sure to watch actual performance. Similar to the delivery method issue, if one of your campaigns burns through budget faster than others, it may leave the others with nothing. As with all Google options, don’t set it and forget it – you need to make sure you evaluate performance and see if the option is working as you want it to.

It’s not an option that needs to be set for everyone, so I’m starting cautiously with just a few accounts where it really makes sense to see how it performs.