As we all know Google has a very wide, vast reach within the internet world.  When you run campaigns in Google Adwords, there are many places your ads can show up depending on how you setup your search engine marketing campaigns.   It is important to understand where your ads are showing in order to manage your account and to present the most effective ads to customers.Google Search Partners

Within your AdWords campaign settings, you have the option to tell Google where you want your ads shown.   You have 3 basic choices with some variations. 

  • Google Only Search
  • Google Search and Search Partner Network
  • Content Network (sites that have elected to show Google Adsense ads on their site)

Google Search Partner Network 

Google has relationships with search partners where they agree to show ads in response to searches performed on those sites.

Some examples are:

  • AOL
  • Netscape Netcenter
  • Earthlink
  • CompuServe
  • AT&T

Google also allows any website to install the Google Search tool and these sites are part of the search partner network as well.

So here is the problem . . . the data you see and manage includes ALL Search traffic – Google, major search partners and all the miscellaneous sites with a search tool installed.  This can lead to incredibly misleading position and average CPC numbers if you think that all traffic is showing on Google (Please refer to Patrick’s Blog about report discrepancies for more information).

Here at JumpFly, we are hoping that Google decides to break this data apart for us in the near future.  It would be very helpful to manage Google traffic separate from Search Partner traffic.  We have been very encouraged by how much control we have been given in the Content Network area, so hopefully the same will be true in the future of Search Partners. 

But for the time being, you can view data regarding where your traffic is coming from in your Google Analytics reports.  This will give you the information you need to understand how each platform is working for you.  Just be sure to setup your goals correctly so you have the whole picture from keyword to conversion.

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