Google RulesThe team at Google Ad Innovations that brought you Call Metrics, Seller Star Ratings Extensions, Broad Match Modifier and more has recently announced AdWords Automated Rules.   This exciting new innovation allows advertisers to schedule automatic updates and changes to their AdWords account based on specific criteria.  Advertisers can now schedule automatic changes on the Campaign, Ad Group, Ad and Keyword level without having to manually log into their AdWords account.  Automated Rules has been designed to help save advertisers time by allowing them to manage their AdWords account more efficiently.

What does this mean for you, as a Google AdWords advertiser?  Here are some practical examples:

*  You have a post-holiday super sale that you want to make sure to advertise on starting on December 26th, but you are out of town with limited access to email or technology.  No problem!  Simply write the ads, set the Automated Rule to turn them on at midnight on December 26th then sit back and relax knowing that they will be taken care of for you.

*  You have done extensive research that shows that your peak shopping days are Monday, Friday and Saturday.  You have also found that your least productive sales day is Tuesday.  Using AdWords Automated Rules, you can create a rule to automatically increase your budget on your peak days and automatically decrease it on Tuesday.  This ensures that your visibility is improved on days when you know people are most likely to purchase.

*  You know that your keywords convert best when they are in position 3 or higher.  AdWords Automated Rules allows you to create a rule in your PPC campaign or ad group that will automatically increase the maximum CPC (cost-per-click) bids for all keywords with a position below 3.  You can choose to increase the bids either by a percentage or by a static amount.  Automated Rules will look at the data for the timing parameter that you determine in order to make the adjustments that you require.

Another important feature of AdWords Automated Rules is that you are encouraged to preview the results of the rules that you create.  This preview function allows you see a list of the changes before they are actually implemented so that you can make sure that you are making the most beneficial changes to your account.  Automated Rules are also easily managed within the Google AdWords interface using the Control Panel and Library section.  There, you are able to view, pause and keep track of the changes that are being made automatically to your account every day.

With Google AdWords and their plethora of available tools, anyone can advertise online.  However, a professional PPC Management Company like JumpFly is highly recommended.  Professional account managers know the tricks of the trade to keep your PPC accounts optimized and running smoothly.  Contact us today to see how we can help increase your ROI.