BLOG-reviewextensionsRicher information about your business can help potential customers understand why your product or service is right for them. Advertisers have long found it valuable to show positive reviews, awards, or accolades in their ads. Today, we’re bringing this capability to your search ads. With review extensions, you can show accolades from reputable third parties right in your search ads.” – Inside AdWords

Use Google AdWords Review Extensions to give new potential customers an extra level of comfort doing business with your company.


To implement AdWords Review Extensions, navigate to the Ad Extensions tab then select View: Review Extensions in the drop-down box. Create your new Review Extension by supplying the appropriate review text, the source of the review and a link where users can verify the review as being genuine.


The Review must come from a reputable third-party source, so you cannot just throw up your Aunt Sally’s stellar quote from her personal blog. For more detailed information on using Review Extensions, visit here to read more about Google’s advertising policy regarding the usage of review extensions. For further assistance, you can always contact a qualified PPC management company.

Here are some Do’s and Don’ts from Google’s support page noted above:

  • Do use accurate and current reviews.
  • Do use a quote or paraphrase that represents a current source.
  • Do link to a page where the content of the review should be apparent and easily visible on the source page.
  • Do use ellipses if you cannot fit the entire review and need to truncate a portion of it, to show missing words or phrases.
  • Do link to the original source, not your website.
  • Do not link to press releases or a second-hand report.
  • Do not link to aggregate ranking or user-review websites.
  • Do not use links to individual’s reviews.

Great reviews are incredibly powerful. If you’ve got ’em, flaunt ’em!