AdWords RemarketingGoogle AdWords Remarketing enables advertisers to re-reach their website visitors in a unique and powerful way.   Once a user reaches a website using Google AdWords Remarketing, the user is cookied, enabling an advertiser to re-reach this visitor as he or she surfs the web and is exposed to ads on the Google Content Network (GCN).   This feature can be incredibly valuable to many advertisers when used appropriately.  Advertisers can use Google AdWords Remarketing in various ways, to achieve different goals.

One Remarketing opportunity is to simply re-reach website visitors as they are surfing the web, to remind them of a specific product or service just after leaving a website.  Advertisers can even reach these highly targeted visitors with a unique set of ads that cater specifically to them, perhaps offering a discount or other incentive.  A more advanced strategy enables advertisers to create a list of web visitors that actually do result in a sale, and then re-reach these specific customers again when the timing is right.  The same strategy can also be applied to reach back out specifically to web visitors who dropped out of the sales funnel for one reason or another.  Some companies can even find value in targeting one another’s website audiences.

Google is also beta testing Interest Category Marketing, which allows advertisers to reach a desired audience as they browse sites on the GCN.  Advertisers can select from a list of categories and show their ads to people that meet those specific criteria.  Advertisers can also select from a list of demographic categories such as gender and age range.  Interest Category Marketing enables advertisers to further qualify users based on multiple interests.  For example, a travel agent can choose to reach locally targeted people that have been identified as both sports enthusiasts and travel enthusiasts.  This travel agent can then create and deliver sports related travel ads to these potential clients as they surf the web.  The possibilities are endless.

What makes remarketing and audience marketing so unique is the ability to continually reach and re-reach users as they surf the web and deliver highly targeted ads to these users.  For those who have been around a while, it is awesome to see Google provide user tracking that works much like what was envisioned by the guys at the now defunct Engage Technology a decade back… Sorry guys, you were just way ahead of your time!

By Brad Garlin