Google AdWords Quality Score – Sometimes Slow is the Way to Go 

We certainly live in a fast-paced world where instant gratification is king.  And that is very apparent in the world of pay per click (PPC) advertising.  People search for items or services, ads are displayed immediately, people click the ads to be brought to the page where their desired item is sold or where the desired service is offered, then they purchase that item or service right there on the spot if it suits their needs.Sometimes it Pays to Go Slow

So, if you are starting a Google AdWords campaign and you have 1,000 items to sell on your website, shouldn’t you advertise on all 1,000 items right from the beginning?  Won’t that bring you the most sales?  Won’t that be the quickest way to profitability?  Not necessarily.  It’s just not that easy. 

A strong initial Quality Score on Google is crucial to long-term success in the PPC advertising marketplace.  If you flood your account with thousands of low-traffic keywords, you will not build up that strong initial Quality Score, and in fact may be shooting yourself in the foot by branding your new account with a terrible Quality Score.  Too much too soon, is something you should seriously consider avoiding right out the gate for your new Adwords campaign.

The beauty of PPC advertising is it in its flexibility.  You can always add more keywords later.  You can always continue to grow and improve the account.  You have the power to shape it to serve your needs.  Don’t be too anxious to throw everything out into the marketplace before you establish a desirable AdWords Quality Score.

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