I have just a few things I’d like to see happen with the Google Adwords platform, so I think I’ll just mention them here. Consider it my Google holiday wish list.

Actionable Reports:

Every report should be an actionable report. By this I mean if I run a Placement Performance Report that shows me numerous content sites that are clearly spending too much, or not converting well at all, then I want to be able to just click a checkbox next to that site and have it PPC Holiday Wish Listautomatically be excluded from further searches. I don’t want to have to run a report, analyze it, then manually create a list of sites to exclude. I want the system to provide me with the data then allow me to take action upon that data right then and there on the spot. This really doesn’t just apply to Google. It applies to all the PPC search platforms, including Yahoo and MSN. We should be able to immediately take some kind of action from every report we run without having to look at the data in place then make adjustments somewhere else entirely.

AdWords Editor Content Isolation: 

AdWords Editor should have a separate tab for Content traffic and spend that highlights and isolates Content traffic spending. Keeping on the Content theme, because the volume of Content sites is so huge, Google should allow us to put in a threshold conversion cost barrier that will automatically exclude a site if the spend reaches a certain unacceptable level. It would be nice if we could put in a parameter that tells Google to automatically exclude a certain Content site if its spend reaches a certain level without producing a conversion. It’s something we do anway, so why not set up an automated function to do the same thing we are going to do manually. It would also be nice if such a parameter could be extended to some of the Search Partners as well. If a site doesn’t work, I don’t want it.

Even though these things don’t exist (yet), the great thing about software-driven advertising platforms is that the possibility exists that they might happen at any time. That’s just another feather in the PPC advertising cap. This is an advertising medium that has the potential to always get just a little better.

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