Using Placement Targeting in your Google AdWords campaigns can add a huge boost to your content network placement results.

PPC AdvertisingIn one of my previous posts on Content Network Targeting, I showed you how to use the Placement report to understand where your ads are being placed on the content network and which placements are working the best for you.

In addition to using their site exclusion tool to exclude sites from showing your ads, you can also use Google’s Placement Targeting to specifically place your ads on the sites that are working for you.

And just last week Google added the ability to combine placement targeting and keyword targeting (or contextual targeting) so you can request your ads be placed on a specific site but only when their content matches your keywords.

Placement Targeting + Contextual Targeting = Highly Targeted Traffic!

For example, maybe you know that a specific travel site frequently posts articles about traveling to the Caribbean.  You would like to place your ads for your Beautiful Caribbean Resort on their site but only when it is relevant to the article they have written.  You certainly don’t need your ad showing up when they write an article on vacationing in Ireland – what a waste!

Well, now you can do both!  Bid to place your ad on that site specifically but ONLY when the content matches your keyword selections.

As Google allows us to get more and more specific as to where our ads are placed within the content network, our clients at  are now growing much more successful with their content campaigns.