Offer ExtensionsLooking to get more foot traffic to your store?  In February of this year Google rolled out their new ad extension, Offer Extensions. With offer extensions and proper PPC management you can now attach a coupon, rebate or discount offer to your Google AdWords campaigns or ad groups that are redeemable in-store only.

Setting up your Google AdWords offer extension is pretty simple.  First you will need to go into the Ad Extension tab in the interface. Next you will want to click the new offer button at the bottom of the screen. From there you just need to enter the details of the specific offer you would like to make: redemption dates, offer code, your terms and conditions, devices you would like to target,  etc. When a shopper clicks on your extension you are charged the same amount you would if they clicked on the headline.


Here’s an example of what an offer ad will look like to potential shoppers on desktops or tablets:

Ad Offer Example

Once a shopper clicks on the view offer button they could be given a couple of different options based on the offer code that you pick. They will be brought to where they can view the offer. Then they can either print a coupon or save it online to their “My Offers” page.

Here’s what the Offer looks like to someone who clicks it:

Example of Offer page

The great thing about this new extension is that now businesses have a new way to track and promote foot traffic into their stores from PPC and they can now turn online users into in-store traffic. Have you seen a new offer extension while searching on Google?