In this final article on Google AdWords matching options I will discuss Negative Match and Embedded Match. If you would like to read my previous Blog’s on matching options you may click here for Broad Match, here for Phrase Match, and here for Exact Match.

PPC AdvertisingAccording to Google “Negative-matched keywords prevent your ad from appearing when a search includes a keyword that isn’t relevant to your ad”. In other words, your ad will not appear when a negative keywords you’ve entered is included in a user’s search query.

Negative Match keywords can be used on a campaign wide level, or simply an AdGroup level. The campaign Negative Match keyword would effect all keywords in the campaign, while the AdGroup level Negative Match only affects keywords in the same AdGroup.

For example, let’s say that I sell “Blue Widgets”. Occasionally, people may search to rent these items by typing in “Rent Blue Widgets”. Since I only sell them, and do not rent them, “rent” would be an excellent Negative Match keyword. This means anytime somebody typed in “Rent” with any of the search phrases in my keyword list, my ad would NOT show.

Now, let’s assume that while I may not “rent” the “blue widgets”, however I do rent “red widgets”. If I had “rent” as a campaign level Negative Match keyword it would prevent my ad from showing on “rent blue widgets” “rent red widgets” etc. In this case, it would be best if the Negative Match keyword “rent” was only used at the AdGroup level, in the “Blue Widget” AdGroup, and not in the “Red Widget” AdGroup.

Embedded Match is even more targeted, and allows you to prevent your ad from appearing in relation certain Phrase or Exact Matches.

For example, let’s say you own a toy store and sell “Star Wars Toys”. You may very well not want your ad to show for “Star Wars” however if you simply chose “Star Wars” as a Negative Match, you would loose all those great keywords like “Star Wars Toys” “Star Wars Dolls”.

The solutions is to use the embedded match option of a negative and exact match on -[star wars]. This way your ads would appear for all of those appropriate keywords like “Star Wars Toys” and “Star Wars Dolls”, however not for the Exact Match of “Star Wars”.

Choosing the correct matching options of keywords and the appropriate use of Negative Match and Embedded Match are all part of a well managed JumpFly PPC Advertising campaign.

What inappropriate keywords are triggering your ad copy?