Most people don’t realize that there are different Match Types for the keywords entered into Google AdWords. They simply type the keyword that they wish to bid on into the keyword box and logically think that is the keyword that will trigger their ad copy. Depending on the Matching Option chosen, that may or may not be the case. Let me explain.

There are 4 completely different Matching Options for keywords in Google: Broad Match, Phrase Match, Exact Match, and Negative.

Today we will talk about Broad Match.

PPC AdvertisingBroad Match – This is the default option. If you simply typed your keyword into the keyword box then Broad Match is the matching option for that keyword. Broad Match is also called “Expanded Match” because it will actually expand the keyword to many different variations.

By using Broad Match, your ad will be eligible to appear when a users search query includes the keyword, however it may also include the plural versions, misspellings, and even words that are considered to be similar (by Google). Broad Match is Google’s answer to giving you the most amount of traffic for a keyword possible.

For example, let’s say that I own an apple orchard and I wish to bid on the word “Apples”. The Broad Match version of “Apples” might show the ad copy for users who query “apples”, “aples” “apple” or possibly even “oranges”. Yes, it’s true; Google might think that since apple is a fruit then your ad copy might work for Oranges, Pears, Apple Blossoms, or any number of somewhat similar terms.

As you can see, if not used correctly, Broad Match could have you paying for traffic that is not as targeted to your business as you might have hoped.

By correctly choosing the different match types of keywords, and running reports like the “Search Query Performance Report”, you can optimize the targeting of your keywords and better control the ROI for your keywords performance.

99% of new accounts that I see only have Broad Match keywords in them.

What’s in your account?

Choosing, monitoring, and adjusting the bids on the various keywords and their different match types are just some of the many responsibilities necessary for a properly maintained PPC Advertising campaign.

Next time I will talk about Phrase Match.