The Google AdWords Impression Share Report shares valuable reporting statistics.  

What is Impression Share?

Impression Share is the amount your ads are showing as a percentage of the total available impressions. What's Your Impression Share?

Why Should You Care?

It reflects your exposure in your marketplace.

In other words, are your ads showing up as often as they can be?

Understanding your impression share will give you some insight into steps you can take to increase your exposure in your market.

The first key figure is Lost IS (Budget).  This tells you how much traffic you are losing (as a percentage of total impressions) because your budget is too low.  Google automatically stops showing your ad if it will exceed your budget.  You can select whether Google should periodically shows your ad over the day or if they show it constantly until you run out of budget.

If you are losing a lot of traffic due to your budget, you need to make changes and it should depend on your business goals. You could:

  • Reduce your bid and position your ad lower
  • Decrease the targeted region
  • Increase your budget – Only if the conversion rate justifies it!

The other figure to consider is Lost IS (Rank).  This reflects how much impression share you are losing due to poor ranking on the page.  In other words, your Ad Rank, which is the CPC bid x Quality Score, is reducing your impression share.

So, what can you do to solve poor Ad Rank?

  • Improve Ad Quality
  • Adjust Match Type
  • Increase Your Bid (again . . . only if the conversion rate justifies it)

One last figure is the Impression Share Exact Match.  This reflects how a keyword would perform if it were set to Exact match.  This can help you determine if you should consider changing the match type to improve impression share.  If you see that the exact match percentage is significantly higher than the actual impression share, you can safely assume that you should test different match types to improve impression share.

You can read more from Google about the Impression Share Report at Inside AdWords.

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