Google AdWords & BLOG Exposure

As Google starts to integrate their purchase of FeedBurner into their massive marketing system, there is now an opportunity for your business to gain more exposure through the Blogosphere.

In case you didn’t know, FeedBurner is a leading media distribution service for BLOG’s and RSS feeds. Basically, Google AdWordsFeedBurner can convert RSS feeds into multiple formats, making the distribution of a BLOG a very easy thing to accomplish. They are also the “largest feed and BLOG advertising network”, due to the fact that so many BLOG owners use this service. At last count, they had a total of 1.9 million feeds from 1.1 million publishers. Now that is a lot of BLOG’s through FeedBurner.

Originally, these BLOG owners could subscribe to a service through FeedBurner that allowed ads to be automatically displayed inside their BLOG posts. This service was called FAN (FeedBurner Ad Network). As you can imagine, publishers would earn revenue from the clicks accrued through the ads placed in their BLOGs, much the same way website owners can use AdSense to make money from text ads on their websites. Some publishers have made enough money from FAN to do their BLOGs as a full time job.

Earlier this month, Google discontinued FAN and has instead implemented AdSense as the only means to generate revenue automatically from the FeedBurner feed service. This means that the Google Content Network will now feed the ads on FeedBurner, and this presents a great opportunity for advertising your business on these BLOG’s. You can visit Google’s blog for additional tips from Google for using their Content Network.

As always, correctly setting up and monitoring a PPC advertising content campaign is essential to its success.

What BLOG do you want your next client to come from?