Today, I will continue my articles on Google AdWords matching options with a discussion on Exact Match. If you would like to read my previous Blog’s on matching options you may click here for Broad Match, or here for Phrase Match.

PPC AdvertisingExact Match is the most targeted matching option. With Google Exact Match, your ad will be eligible to appear whenever a user searches for the chosen word or phrase, in the exact order, and without any other terms before or after in the search query. For example, the exact match of “wood table” will only show for “wood table”, and not for any other variation like; “antique wood table” or “wood table saw” or even “wood tables”. Simply put, Exact Match is the search term and nothing but the search term, period.

It’s true that you will not receive as many impressions with exact match as you would with either phrase or broad match, however you will receive the most targeted clicks.

Exact Match has the advantage of precise control. You know exactly what the user queried when you look at the statistics for Exact Match, since there are no wild card terms allowed before and/or after the keyword. It also allows for the most relevant ad copy to be displayed and often, depending on position, it will have the highest click through rate.

Correctly implementing and adjusting the different Google AdWords matching options is just one of the many aspects of a properly managed JumpFly PPC Advertising campaign.

Next week, I will finish off the series with an article on Google Negative Keywords.