BLOG-CallExtensionsAs time winds down to the “Courtesy Upgrade” of your Google AdWords account, here are a few things that we’ve learned along the upgrade way.  Some of these you may already know; others may be a revelation to you. Either way, I hope these tips and tricks help you through the Google AdWords Enhanced Campaign conversion process and simplify the required ppc management.

Click to Call: Some of you might want shoppers on Mobile devices to call only instead of visiting the website.  While that might makes perfect sense when someone is in the office to answer the phone, a visit to the website might be far more valuable after hours. Enhanced Campaigns provide us with the ability to direct mobile clicks to calls ONLY during office hours, and after hour clicks will all be routed to the website automatically.

To accomplish this, just visit the Call Extension tab in AdWords.  Once there, edit your current Call Extension (or add a new one) and click the Start/end dates, scheduling button.  From there, you’ll be able to modify the Call Extension to show ONLY when you actually want calls to be received. Here’s an example of this in practice:

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Convert all Google AdWords campaigns at the same time or not: My suspicion is that one or more of you have been in a situation where you’ve added a new campaign in the Enhanced format, but did not have time quite yet to upgrade the other Legacy campaigns.  Once you add that new campaign in an Enhanced Campaign format, Google will likely ask you to upgrade the Call Extension for it. All will be fine until the time that you get around to upgrading the other Legacy campaigns. We’ve found that the other Legacy campaigns that are upgraded at that future date will lose the Call Extensions that were associated with them prior to upgrade.

It’s an easy fix, but something to be on the lookout for. As soon as you upgrade the other Legacy campaigns, just enter each of these campaigns and add the new Enhanced Call Extension (created when you added that new campaign mentioned above) to each of your original campaigns.