As Brad mentioned last week, here at JumpFly, we were all very excited with the latest release of Google AdWords Editor.  Those of us that are working on Google Campaigns all day long have realized huge benefits in both productivity and improved analysis ability.  I wanted to expand on some of the high productivity aspects of the recent releases.

PPC AdvertisingWith the release of version 6.0 and now 6.0.1, there were a couple of changes that are already making our lives even easier.  The changes that had the most impact on my productivity were the performance statistics updates.

Performance Statistics

One of the most important aspects in managing accounts is analyzing the performance statistics at many different levels – campaign, ad group and keyword.  And at several different date intervals – daily, weekly, monthly.

We can now download those statistics to a CSV file which makes it very easy to create reports and to analyze the data.

We are also able to refresh the minimum CPC bids which helps when you are managing an account that has keywords that are inactive due to minimum bid requirements.

But my favorite is the fact that when you change the interval (the date range of the stats), Editor now gives you a progress bar.  I know this may seem small to some, but in the past, you would change the date range and could never really be sure when Editor was done downloading the new data.  Now you know how long you will have to wait (do I sit here or go get a cup of coffee?) and when it’s done, they tell you!  Terrific!

Last week we were pleasantly surprised with another change that allows us to download the performance statistics for smaller portions of the account thus saving quite a bit of time if you are only looking to analyze a single campaign or even a single ad group.

Next week, I’ll take a look at the new editing features.

Not even using the Editor yet? Download it today or click here to review ten additional great benefits of using AdWords Editor – Wow, are you in for a treat!