Today, Google released AdWords Editor 6.5 for Windows and Mac.

Here at JumpFly, we were excited to discover the new Keyword Opportunities tool, enabling Keyword Expansion and Keyword Multiplier functionality at the AdWords Editor.

When you open AdWords Editor 6.5 for the first time, you will notice a new button on the Keyword tab appropriately labeled “Keyword Opportunities”. Clicking this new button SHOULD open the Keyword Google AdWords Editor Upgrade ReleasedOpportunities (Beta) window, however if you try to use this feature in an account that you previously opened with an MCC login then the feature will not work.

We found that if you open an account in AdWords Editor 6.5 that was previously imported into your Open Account window using your MCC login information, the Keyword Opportunities feature will fail to work and result with an “Authentication Failed” error window. Even after I tried the “Switch User” feature and used the original account login, the feature would still not work.

The solution to this minor bug, remember this is a Beta feature, is to first remove the account and then click “Add Account” entering the original account login information. Once the account is imported fresh using the original account logins, the new Keyword Opportunities button will work. Several of our AdWords Editor updates also failed to work after the update was installed. Completely removing the older version, rebooting, and re-installing the new version solved the problems.

We have notified our Google contacts regarding this bug that seems to only affect people like us who use a My Client Center (MCC) to manage multiple Google AdWords accounts. Everyone else should have no problems using this new Beta feature.

Now, once the Keyword Opportunities window is open, you will notice 2 tabs: “Keyword Expansion” and “Keyword multiplier”

The Keyword expansion tab should look somewhat familiar to anybody that has used Google’s Keyword Tool through the online interface. There is a field at the top where you can enter your search phrase. By clicking the “Get Keywords” button, similar keywords are then displayed in the window below.

Next to each keyword are two fields with indicators for volume and competition. Numbers from 0-5 will show in these fields with 5 indicating the highest amount of competition/volume. The data for estimated CPC and position that can be seen in the online keyword tool are not available in AdWords Editor’s Keyword Expansion window. The best part is that chosen keywords can easily be dragged into any AdGroup over on the right hand side of the window. If you don’t have a campaign or AdGroup ready, you can easily create one with blue hyperlinks located at the bottom of the window.

The Keyword multiplier tab opens a window that many of us in PPC management have seen before in the dozens of free keyword generation tools available all over the Internet. It has 3 fields across the top for your individual keywords and a button that will combine the 3 fields into their various combinations. While missing the ability to quickly switch the order of the 3 fields, this simple tool does do a good job combining keywords quickly and easily.

I found both tools to be welcome additions to the latest release of AdWords Editor 6.5. The ability to quickly add new keywords to AdGroups without the need to use the online tool is a real time saver. I’m sure our friends at Google will eventually iron out the bug that prevents MCC logins from using these new tools. In the meantime, any account that is active using the original logins will have access to these valuable new keyword opportunity features found in AdWords Editor 6.5.

Download AdWords Editor 6.5 here.