Looking for some additional PPC traffic, but not sure where to go to get it?  It really is time to try a Google Content campaign if you haven’t done so yet.  Even if you’ve tried it historically and it didn’t work, it really is worth taking another look.  I’ve started several new Google Content Google AdWordscampaigns for my clients over the last few months and each one has delivered solid conversions.

We had really stayed away from Google Content for quite some time due to lack of performance, lack of control over which sites your ads show on, which sites you could block, etc.  But now with all the new controls in place, with Google seeming to have placed a greater emphasis on bringing in some quality sites to the Google Content Network,  it’s time for you to give it a good go.

Here’s a method I’ve used that has worked surprisingly well for me.  I look historically across all my current Google ad groups for a client, copy only those ad groups and keywords that prove to be solid performers, then put them in their own separate Google Content campaign.  I usually cut the bids approximately in half, put a tight cap on the budget to start off with, then let it fly.

May sound simplistic, but I know it works because I’ve seen the results with my clients time and time again.  Give it try in your Google AdWords accounts.  You may be pleasantly surprised at the new customer base you find.