Our friends at Google recently shared with JumpFly an interesting technique for using the Google AdWords Keyword Tool when building a Google AdWords Content Campaign, and I thought it would be nice to pass it along. Of couse, this is not a foolproof method of building a Google AdWords Google Adwords Content Campaign StrategyContent Campaign and it does not guarantee success with Google Content based advertising, nor is it the only way to create a Content campaign, but it is a process certainly worth giving a try if you have never done it before.

Google AdWords Content Campaign Strategy

Step 1: Filter out the top performing keywords in your current Google AdWords Search campaign, putting the greatest emphasis on the keywords that are most relevant to the products you sell or most relevant to the services you provide.

Step 2: Individually type each term into a Google Search, using the standard Google search box you find at Google.com. For this example, we will use “golf shoes” as our keyword.

Step 3: Copy the Google URL that is generated in the address bar from the search. In this example, it would be —

Step 4: Using the Google Keyword Tool, make sure you have Website Content checked, then enter the URL above into the text box. Be sure to check the box labeled “Include other pages on my site linked from this URL.”

By following this process, Google analyzes the organic results, paid ads, and the sites being linked. You will then get a list of keywords that are grouped together by theme. You can then take these lists and create a Google AdWords Content campaign with a similar thematic structure.

Again, not the only way to create an AdWords Content campaign, but it is an interesting process to try and could generate some productive results for you to use as you see fit.

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