Have you checked your Google AdWords campaign settings lately? You may want to go ahead and do that every so often to make sure your PPC Advertising dollars are not going to waste. It’s easy to look at these settings during your initial campaign setup then never go back and look at them again. The Edit Campaign Settings screen will indicate whether you have the Content Network selected, show you what regions your ads are running in, give you a budget recommendation, as well as show you some other pertinent data.

Google AdWords

One of the key areas on the Edit Campaign Settings screen to take a second look at is the Advanced Options area. There is a new feature that some of you might see called Automatic Matching. Automatic Matching is an optional feature that, when enabled, will deliver your ads to an additional search audience who are not necessarily using any of the keywords you currently are using in your account. So, regardless of the actual keywords you have selected, your ads may show up when other relevant keywords are used in Google search – even though you don’t have those keywords in your account. The relevancy of these additional keywords is determined by the content of your landing pages, your ads and the keywords running in your account. This could be a good thing if you are looking for additional traffic, but just be cautious in its use if you have a very defined set of keywords that you want to keep close tabs on.

A large part of how Automatic Matching will be used in your account is based on where your budget is set. If your daily Google budget is set to $50 and your average daily spend is $25, then Automatic Matching will come into play to “help your account” spend its full $50 a day budget.

As I mentioned, this could be beneficial to you if you are really looking to spend that budget and bring in some additional “related” traffic to your website. However, just be aware of the possible spend increases that may result.

So go ahead and take another look at the Edit Campaign Settings screen.