It is important, when managing your PPC advertising accounts that you analyze your top spending keywords.  Here at JumpFly, when I am just checking in on an account, the first thing I do is sort by cost.  The higher the cost of a keyword, an ad group or a campaign, the more attention is warranted.

So one question to ask yourself when looking at these “top spenders” is – Are they also your top Google AdWords Spendingsellers?  They should be. 

You should already have a solid understanding of your top selling products or services.  And these items may change seasonally for you.

But you should also pay attention to your top spenders in your PPC advertising campaigns and be sure you are

  1. Spending your advertising dollars in the right place and
  2. Responding to the market.  If you find that certain terms have escalated in search volume and interest, maybe something needs to change with your product or service offerings.

Another question to consider:  Are your top spending keywords broad match

Be careful here.  Remember that broad match at Google AdWords is actually expanded match – Google shows your ad on “relevant” keywords.   While expanded match can be a very productive method to make sure you are showing whenever possible, it can also be difficult to tell what you are spending your ad dollars on.  The search query report is extremely important when you are running on broad match terms.  This report gives you insight into terms that are working well for your campaign and terms that should be excluded.

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