While searching the web for new, relevant information on paid search and PPC Management – I stumble across quite a few forums with people posting complaints and pleas for help regarding Google AdWords Account limits.  Whether you are an AdWords Editor novice or a pro, at some point you have probably gotten an error while trying to post your campaigns.  Usually there is not much explanation to the error, except something like this:

Google Account Limits and Error 17“AdWords Editor is unable to check or post some of your changes, because doing so would cause you to  exceed AdWords account limits. In order to complete your request, please revert some of your  unposted changes or delete some items, then retry your request. For more information about AdWords account limits, please contact AdWords Support. (Error number: 17)”

Typically this error only appears after working long and hard in your account adding new keywords, ad groups and ads, so seeing it is especially frustrating.  If you have received this error, check your campaigns, ad groups, keywords and ads to make sure you are within the Google AdWords Account limits:

Standard AdWords Account

* 25 campaigns
* 2,000 ad groups per campaign
* 2,000 keywords per ad group
* 50 ads per ad group (any format)
* Approximately 50,000 total keywords per account

If you find that you need more space in your account and you anticipate exceeding the Standard AdWords Account size limits, you can e-mail AdWords support and request your account be expanded:

Expanded AdWords Account

* 100 campaigns
* 10,000 ad groups per campaign
* 5,000 keywords per ad group
* 50 ads per ad group (any format)
* Approximately 100,000 keywords per account

Hopefully this information will help the next time you run into the dreaded AdWords Editor “Error number: 17”