7-Reasons-For-PPC-ManagementResearch shows that 93% of online experiences start with a search engine query. With a figure like that, it should be no surprise that 85% of retailers in one survey said that search marketing (pay-per-click advertising and search engine optimization) is the best way to get new customers. PPC alone can get a 300% or higher return on the initial investment.

But once you’ve decided to implement a PPC campaign, you’re probably going to be asking another question: Should I try to manage my PPC efforts on my own, or hire a professional PPC management company? Here are seven reasons we think that the latter is a much smarter financial decision in the long run:

1. Keyword Research Is Complicated
Keyword research for PPC may sound simple — just find out what people are searching for and then bid on those terms — but it’s actually quite a bit more involved than that. For your campaign to work, you need to choose relevant keywords, find out what your competitors are ranking on, and not overspend on low-performing keywords.

2. Ad Copy Needs to Convert
Writing ad copy is a specialized skill best left to professional PPC management experts; if searchers see your ad but it’s not compelling enough for them to actually click on it and then become a customer, then your money is being wasted.

3. Landing Pages Must Be Relevant
One of the biggest mistakes people who don’t consult with professional PPC management agencies make is not optimizing the connections between PPC ads and landing pages. This is hugely important when it comes to conversions.

4. Tracking Is Key for High ROI
In order to get the maximum return on a PPC campaign, you can’t just set it up and leave it alone. PPC campaigns need constant assessment to see which keywords are paying off and which aren’t, and an established PPC management agency has the expertise to do that far more accurately and efficiently than you can.

5. You Have to Know the Lingo
You know that PPC stands for pay per click. What about CPC, CPM or CPA? What’s the difference between views, impressions and hits? While you can do a quick Google search to find out what these terms mean on a surface level, truly understanding them and how they add up to a successful PPC strategy takes up significant amounts of time that are better spent focusing on your business’ core competencies.

6. Ad Networks Differ
You’re probably most familiar with paid search as it relates to Google, but Google AdWords isn’t the only platform that can get attention for your audience. Professionals can help you identify on which ad networks your money will be best spent.

7. PPC Is an Evolving Industry
Just like any other marketing segment, PPC is constantly evolving. Staying on top of trends is vital to making the most of your campaigns, and it’s a better long-term investment to have someone who is already spending time paying attention to every shift handling your PPC advertising.