Move over old timers, new players are in town. So out with the old and in with the new. Jay Cutler finally performed like the franchise quarterback he has the potential to become last night, beating Brett New Players In TownFavre and the Minnesota Vikings in a fairly impressive over-time victory. Youth over experience and history prevailed in the leadership spot last night.

The same can be said about the changing advertising landscape. The old timers like newspaper advertising and television advertising are finally starting to feel a more serious threat from the Internet as some of the largest advertisers in the world are making the shift online.  Two weeks back, Pepsi announced that they will not be advertising in next year’s Super Bowl, breaking from a 23 year tradition. Last year, Pepsico was one of the top four advertisers during the game, according to TNS Media Intelligence.

The decision to forgo the 44th Super Bowl comes as Pepsi prepares to launch a new cause-oriented marketing campaign. Pepsi has chosen to give away over $20 million in a social media marketing blitz that it is calling The Pepsi Refresh Project, debuting in 2010. Between1999 and 2009, Pepsi spent over $142 million on Super Bowl Ads. That is a lot of money that looks to be getting redirected. I suspect other businesses will continue to follow Pepsi’s lead as their efforts and various other advertiser’s online initiatives are continually proving successful. The Internet is quickly proving incredibly powerful and valuable to advertisers of all sizes.

While pay-per-click (PPC) advertising may not be the only online marketing solution for Pepsi or any business, the Internet provides advertisers so many different opportunities that there is certainly something that can benefit just about any advertiser. The key is to work with qualified search engine marketing consultants or a PPC Management Agency that will provide reliable and trusted guidance and service.