This season’s PPC Advertising Super Bowl Winner is Google AdWords Content Match. Just last season, the masses were scoffing at Content Match and its lackluster results. PPC Super BowlHowever, this season, that has all changed. Google AdWords Content Match has risen from relative obscurity to now offer many advertisers a valuable avenue for attaining clients. We’ve recently mentioned this before here at JumpFly, but now more than ever, Content Match has proven to be a successful and critical part of many advertisers’ campaigns.

All account managers here at JumpFly have witnessed improved success rates with Content Match over the past six months. In fact, a handful of our clients actually receive 30 – 40% of their traffic and conversions from Content Match.

One particularly useful recent AdWords enhancement, Placement Targeting, enables advertisers to reach specific targeted content partners. When properly identified, successful partners can be isolated and focused on. Just yesterday I was looking at an account we manage where one specific content partner is isolated in an ad group with a high bid due to its success, and this single content partner is responsible for providing the majority of overall conversions for this particular client. Properly identifying and reaching this particular content partner for this advertiser was critical and proved to be the major factor contributing to this client’s success.

So if you have neglected to consider Content Match at Google, I suggest you reconsider. Content match advertising requires a different style setup than search engine advertising, and requires using different reports to fine tune and adjust results. However, the extra effort just might give your business the edge it needs to succeed in today’s increasingly challenging economy. Hopefully this highly coveted PPC Super Bowl victory will help give AdWords Content Match the respect it so badly deserves.

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