Amazon-spondored-brands-updates-200 The JumpFly Amazon division was recently invited to attend an Amazon webinar which announced updates that have been made to Amazon Sponsored Brands.

From Amazon:

Sponsored Brands has made three updates to the broad match feature which helps advertisers reach more shoppers and control advertising costs.

  1. Sponsored Brands now offers negative keyword targeting in campaign manager and campaign builder. Negative keywords prevent ads from displaying when shoppers’ search terms match negative keywords. Irrelevant searches can be excluded, resulting in reduced advertising costs. Negative keywords can be used with broad, phrase, and exact match types to prevent ads from being displayed.

    • Phrase match: Contains the exact phrase or sequence of keywords.
    • Exact match: Exactly matches the keyword or sequence of keywords. 
  2. Sponsored Brands broad match now include words that are variations such as plurals, synonyms or other words related to the keyword. e.g., an advertiser’s ad targeting “shoes” using broad match may show on shopper query for “sneakers”. This helps advertisers reach even more shoppers who may be interested in their products.
  3. Sponsored Brands now offers broad match modifiers. If advertisers want a certain word to always appear in any broad matched keyword, they should a broad match modifier by adding a ‘+’ symbol before the word. e.g., if using the keyword “+men shoes” with broad match, then the ad will only match to queries that contain the word “men”. The ad may match to “men sneakers”, or “running shoes for men” etc., but not to “running shoes”.

The JumpFly Amazon division is proud to have a relationship with Amazon’s Senior Partner Manager which offers JumpFly the ability to attend these exclusive educational webinars. As more shoppers are defaulting to Amazon for their everyday purchases, having a professional paid search manager is becoming increasingly more important to Amazon sellers and vendors. With JumpFly’s Amazon division, advertisers receive boutique agency care, and big agency clout.


About JumpFly:

JumpFly professionally develops, implements and manages Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, Yahoo Gemini and Facebook pay-per- click advertising accounts, enabling clients to maximize Internet advertising results while saving time and money. Proper setup and management of these powerful programs will likely make the difference between an advertiser’s success or failure. JumpFly’s full-service solution enables clients to focus on their core business while achieving the best possible results from their search engine marketing campaigns. JumpFly is a Premier Google Partner, Facebook Certified Partner, and exclusive Bing Elite Agency. JumpFly assists more than 400 clients, offers a money-back- guarantee, ranks as the #1 PPC Management Company by TopSEOs and Clutch, and has an A+ rating from the BBB.