jumpfly-attends-bing-ads-connectJune 17, 2015 – JumpFly veteran account executive Nikki Kuhlman traveled to Los Angeles, CA to attend Microsoft’s Bing Ads Connect, a hands-on search marketing event for industry professionals that provides access to valuable search marketing resources and information. Event attendees could speak with onsite experts about search advertising opportunities and strategies to optimize Bing Ads campaigns. Additionally, Bing team members delivered an overview of their online advertising strategy and product road-map, and shared audience insights and a sneak peek of upcoming Bing Ads enhancements.

Bing’s invitation says, “Join us and learn how to make your paid advertising campaigns excellent. You’ll learn what’s new (and what’s coming) for Bing Ads, and killer strategies for growing both your client’s and your agency’s business.”

Event details include:

  • Bing Ads Now & Next
  • Yahoo Microsoft Partnership Update
  • Bing Platform Strategy
  • Bing Ads Audience
  • Bing Ads Product Update
  • Bing Ads Product Strategy
  • 2 Critical Features for 2015 & Beyond
  • Leadership Q&A
  • Advertising Excellence
  • 3 Valuable Tools You Need to Know
  • Summary of the Day & Key takeaways

Bing discussed their recently renewed 5-year partnership with Yahoo and what it means for advertisers.

  • Bing is the exclusive seller of Bing Ads
  • Yahoo is the exclusive seller of Yahoo Ads
  • Bing can compete to get more/better partners, instead of relying on Yahoo syndicated partners as they have in the past.
  • Yahoo will only be able to transition 49% of their desktop traffic to Yahoo Gemini. 51% of traffic will still need to be pushed through Bing Ads.
  • Bing says 99% of Yahoo search results are still through Bing Ads.

What advertisers will get from Bing going forward:

  • Faster platform innovation through customer and sales proximity to engineering.
  • Great customer experience through single, unified organization.
  • More volume through greater flexibility to add high quality syndication partners.

For the transition:

  • July 1st will start the account team transitions.
  • All accounts will be transitioned by September.
  • Tools and reporting is coming to show Yahoo traffic in Bing that hasn’t been pushed to Yahoo.

Microsoft also shared their vision for what the future of Bing might include.

Bing already has valuable partnerships with Xbox, Amazon, TripAdvisor, and Apple (Bing is SIRI search default) – 70% of Bing ads on mobile are from iOS devices. Windows 10 presents an opportunity for growth when it launches July 29th, plus there is a free upgrade for anyone who has Windows now. This software will be running on 1 billion devices worldwide by 2018. In this platform, search will be built into the OS, right on the task bar. It will also be built into every process, including Office365, Word, etc. People will never have to leave a Microsoft program to do a search and results will be provided by Bing.

Microsoft shared some interesting details about Bing’s audience.

Bing Ads currently garners 33% of US searches.

  • 6.2 Billion monthly searches
  • 168 Million unique searchers

US Market share under the revised relationship:

  • 64.4% Google
  • 26.4% Bing *
  • 6.3% Yahoo

*Yahoo must serve 51% of desktop search via Bing

Bing Demographics

  • Household income is more than $72K (median is $52K) – 48%
  • Age is 35+ years old – 72%
  • College – 71% attended
  • Gender – 52% female

Buying Power: Bing users spend $285 versus:

  • Average of $100
  • Google $171
  • Yahoo $247

The average Bing users spend 185% more online than the average internet searchers and 67% more than Google worldwide. Mobile queries make up 30% of searches – that’s a 157% increase since Q3 2013 to Q4 2014 Bing will be working very hard to get premium syndication partners and they will be very closely rating those they do that. This push will come over the next six months. Bing has 43% of B-to-B Click Share.

Microsoft team members shared newly released products and best practices for optimizing results with them.

  • Home Tab Customization
  • Improved Targeting, i.e., 15 minute ad scheduling

Coming in the next two months:

  • Bing Shopping Campaigns
  • Product Ads on Mobile
  • Callouts

Longer Term:

  • Upgraded URLs like Google
  • Remarketing in Paid Search
  • Image Extensions
  • Auto BMM instead of having to add pluses

Bing Shopping open to all on 6/28 – Shopping ads just started showing mainline week of 6/8 Some best practices discussed include:

  • New campaigns, not existing
  • Campaign Priority set to high
  • Include size and color in title, as they don’t use those attributes yet

Universal Event Tracking provides:

  • Cross device tracking
  • Better campaign attribution
  • Remarketing – will look back up to 180 days when you create lists
  • Hoping to have verification in next couple of months
  • Working on integrating templates into Tag Manager
  • Major updates hopefully coming to improve revenue pass-back

Remarketing for Paid Search, which sounds like RLSA at AdWords, should come start of Q4

Microsoft shared some additional insights:

  1. Bing Ads Intelligence and some of its powerful features were explored.
  2. Bing Ads Brand Study: Should you bid on brand terms – there was a study done from January to March 2014 on 50 million impressions in the Financial Services sector. Without ads – for 100 clicks, organic received 56 of them. If you added an ad in the #1 position, organic dropped to 32, but paid went to 50, for combined clicks of 88. More importantly, competitor share went from 18% to 7%. Survey says… advertise on brand related keyword phrases!
  3. Predictive Marketing – using something called a Power Map, which lets you plot measurement against location, or time. It’s available in the new version of excel, Tab: MAP. The idea is to use it to plot and analyze traffic, to better understand when the demand actually starts to ramp up, and in which areas, in order to best prepare for it.


“This was a tremendous event filled with valuable information that will help our team further improve client results. The Microsoft/Yahoo relationship is complicated and evolving; we are doing everything possible to make sure our clients are embracing, and taking advantage of the changes as they occur,” said JumpFly Managing Partner, Brad Garlin. “The PPC landscape and advertising platforms continue to change with great regularity and require considerable attention and dedication in order to maximize results. This is why we remain focused 100% on PPC and achieving the best results possible for our clients. We continue to participate in events like this in order to keep our clients one step ahead of the curve.”

About JumpFly:
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