Product Feed Management for Shopping Campaigns

Using your existing product data, we optimize, maintain and properly upload custom feeds for each Comparison Shopping Engine (CSE) you choose to target.

PPC Product Feed Management

For existing JumpFly PPC management clients, we create custom feeds optimized for many shopping channels, however most choose to start with Google Shopping, or a combination of Google Shopping, Google Local Shopping and Bing Shopping channels.

We use powerful software to pull your products from your shopping cart and create custom feeds properly optimized for each of your targeted shopping channels.

  • Fully configure your product fields to properly map to required CSE attributes.
  • Set product classifications to ensure products are in their proper categories.
  • Create filters to include wanted products and exclude those not worthy of promotion.
  • Build custom fields for each product to take advantage of CSE best practices.
  • Daily feed submission ensuring your CSE data is always in sync with your site.
  • Automatic feed submission preventing downtime for expired feeds.
  • Constant feed monitoring catching any errors or problems immediately.
  • Ongoing feed optimization incorporating cutting-edge CSE best practices.