Smart Technology

Our revolutionary, proprietary online ad management software executes more actions, reviews and comparisons in one minute than a human can perform in an eight hour day. This powerful artificial intelligence provides our clients a distinct competitive advantage.

PPC Management Software JumpFly

Combining Human & Artificial Intelligence

We determined that maximizing online marketing results requires a combination of human and software-powered analysis. Therefore, we had our experienced advertising specialists work with our gifted technical team to design a state-of-the-art system that identifies potential advertising concerns, trends and opportunities at Google, Bing, Facebook and Amazon. Our custom-built, world-class technology, combined with hands-on management from our award-winning team, delivers an unmatched level of account analysis, monitoring and performance.

Digital Insight

Our success-driven application works around the clock to provide an additional layer of valuable insight and performance-based analysis. This system continuously monitors budgets, analyzes results, confirms landing pages, shopping feeds, keywords and ads are active, and accomplishes hundreds of other tasks, alerting your account manager of anything needing attention. The resulting knowledge enables our team to more efficiently analyze volumes of data, and ultimately maximize results.