The Power of Software & Experience

JumpFly is proud to introduce revolutionary, proprietary PPC management software, available exclusively to our clients. After years of development, this powerful PPC alerting software now tracks all client accounts.

PPC Management Software JumpFly


World-class artificial intelligence, combined with our award-winning team, provides a level of account review and analysis that other PPC agencies cannot. Our proprietary software provides an additional layer of valuable monitoring and critical performance based analysis that works around the clock, 24/7.

Combining Human & Artificial Intelligence

We determined that the best possible way to manage accounts is through a combination of human and software-powered analysis. As many unfortunate advertisers have learned, relying on a set of automated rules to manage a PPC account can have disastrous results. However, properly developed software is an incredible tool to help account managers identify potential warnings, trends and opportunities. Currently, there are no other PPC management products available to help monitor & analyze results that operate anything like this platform. Software is only as powerful as those who create it, and in this case was developed by a team of highly successful, experienced PPC specialists.

Early Warning is Key

Since this one-of-a-kind artificial intelligence system does not require breaks or sleep, our 24/7/365 analysis approach ensures that we have the unique ability to identify potential problems before they become detrimental to your advertising efforts. Our account executives benefit from an extra set of automated eyes whose sole objective is to find ways to improve results. Every day, our system monitors budgets, analyzes results, reviews landing pages and feeds to confirm they are online, and much more. The combination of human & artificial intelligence ensures that results are maximized and that nothing slips through the cracks.

The Never-Ending Quest for Opportunities

Humans or software alone cannot accomplish the daunting task of deep data analysis required to find every opportunity available in PPC advertising accounts. Combining the two, however, creates a level of strategic analysis that cannot otherwise be achieved. This valuable software currently triggers keyword, ad group, campaign and account level alerts based on hundreds of pre-set rules, enabling account managers to efficiently analyze data and ultimately maximize results. The powerful combination of human & artificial intelligence enables us to identify, and take advantage of potential opportunities for our clients that may otherwise be missed.