Here at JumpFly, we are a certified Google AdWords Qualified Company. This means that we have proven to Google that we are experts in pay per click marketing in the Google environment. As a pay per click campaign management company, we take that knowledge and use it to maximize the advertising success of our clients.

The way we do this is by providing comprehensive Google AdWords management services. Today’s businesses know that it pays to have an internet presence. Being listed on Google’s search engines is especially effective. In our Google AdWords management program, we thoroughly analyze your website, then custom design a pay per click ad campaign for you. This campaign will include a list of keywords that will bring your website up on Google when entered into Google’s search engine.


It takes about five to 10 days from the time we get started for your website to start appearing in a Google search of your keywords. That is far less time than any other AdWords management company can offer you. With our management services, you can potentially begin to see a return on your advertising investment right away. Plus, we provide frequent monitoring of your campaign to ensure you continue to receive the best possible results. If we see room for improvement, we will let you know and provide recommendations.

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