The JumpFly History

JumpFly’s Co-Founders Mike Tatge and Brad Garlin were fortunate to find Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising at its birth. In 1998, they were introduced to, the inventors of today’s PPC model, and chose PPC, through, to advertise their first business together, NetVentures.

The Power of PPC

The power of PPC was apparent right from the start. Unlike anything else, PPC ads allowed NetVentures to get in front of people searching AOL and Lycos for words and phrases representing their potential clients. Best of all, with the PPC model, NetVentures only paid a fee if the searcher read their ad and clicked to visit their website. The affordability and targeted reach of PPC advertising single handedly built their client base from the ground up, driving traffic and clients that would have never known about NetVentures otherwise. Unfortunately, NetVentures relied on revenue from selling banner advertising, and despite their success with PPC advertising, the market for banner ads dried up completely in early 2000 when the Internet bubble burst. However, this failure led to what is now their life and passion at JumpFly.

Exploring a New Niche

After conceding NetVentures in late 2000, their entrepreneurial spirit and understanding of PPC led to the exploration of a new nicheā€”helping businesses capitalize on PPC advertising to gain visibility and exposure. To start this venture, Mike and Brad started another new business.

By May of 2001, they gained traction, and established themselves early by signing an ambassador agreement with The agreement made their small business one of the first qualified PPC management agencies in existence. This early relationship with cemented the solid foundation of support, training and ongoing service earned from each major PPC provider.

The Next Level

In 2002, the PPC landscape changed again when Google launched their AdWords program as a new platform to compete directly with Overture. With PPC now attached to the powerful Google brand, PPC caught on like wildfire. Also like – Google and Microsoft also offered a dedicated team to support JumpFly and their clients as their platforms came to market. These solid, long term relationships with all the major PPC vendors help ensure JumpFly will always be at the leading edge of the industry.

After watching steady growth, and realizing PPC advertising was here to stay for the long term, Mike and Brad brought their business to the next level by incorporating under the name JumpFly in 2003 and hired their first team member. Today, JumpFly continues to grow by building upon their stellar reputation and continued industry leadership. JumpFly’s relationships within the industry and with their clients are as strong as ever. Google, Bing, Yahoo and Facebook provide dedicated support teams who frequently visit JumpFly’s office to keep the team abreast of any and all changes. Now with over 400 clients big and small spread across many different industries, JumpFly paves the way when it comes to maximizing PPC results for small and midsized companies. Their experience of setting up and managing 1000’s of campaigns, as well as analyzing the millions of dollars of monthly traffic under their management cannot be taught in a book, or learned through the eyes of a single account.

Recognized as The Best

PPC Management in America JumpFly

JumpFly’s growing team of over 40 highly qualified professionals take great pride in the deep knowledge and value they bring their clients each and every day, and their hard work is getting recognized. In January 2008, TopSEOs, the independent authority on search vendors, ranked JumpFly first out of thousands of vendors for the title of “Best PPC Management Company”. Additionally, in March 2015, another independent review site, Clutch, performed extensive interviews with PPC advertisers and selected JumpFly as the “Top PPC Consultants”. Also, Google News invited the JumpFly PPC Advertising Blog to be indexed as a reputable source for quality PPC information within their exclusive news network.

The JumpFly team is proud of their reputation, and looks forward to many more years of providing the best PPC management available. On top of their reputation, JumpFly works month-to-month and offers a money back guarantee, again showing their commitment to value, and relentless drive for providing the best results for their clients.

JumpFly is a privately held business, committed to customer satisfaction and helping clients enjoy a successful Internet marketing campaign. If you are interested in attaining qualified Web site visitors and establishing a relationship with experienced Internet marketing professionals, sign up with JumpFly today. Explore the rest of our site or call us at 877.882.2850 to learn more.

Thank you,
The Team at JumpFly